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Kinsley Kincaid

Haunted by the Devil; Duet Audiobook - PREORDER

Haunted by the Devil; Duet Audiobook - PREORDER

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Performed in Duet By;
Ash Kingsley & Bryant Walker

My life was normal.
Just my mom and I, living in a small town on the East Coast.
The eve of my twenty first birthday, it all changed.
A father I have never known returned and took me away from all I knew.
Trapped and tortured.
Destined for something I knew nothing about.
Little did I know, my entire life, I’d been haunted by the devil himself.
He was always watching and waiting.
As leader of an infamous cult in our area, this is no longer a haunting.
He is here.
And I’m terrified.

*This is a VERY Dark Erotic Horror Romance. Does end with a HEA

*Releasing This Summer - Delivered by BookFunnel*

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